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Motorcycle Wheels  

Here's a quick look at what went into a set of motorcycle wheels that came into our shop recently.  From blasting, to masking, to coating, these wheels got the full treatment.  

The Before

These wheels were in some need of an upgrade, and powder coating is one of the most affordable options that allows for color customization, creativity, and durability.  After removing one final bearing these wheels were off to the blast room where the remaining paint was removed and the surface received the desired etch pattern to help the powder coat adhere to the metal.

First Cure Complete

The color changes that happen throughout the process of coating with the illusion series are color to experience firsthand.  The initial coating is a vibrant display of the color's true beauty, but after the initial cure cycle the color seems to fade and dull out as seen above.  The wheels are pictured here during their "cool-down" stage before the clear is applied.

Before the Cure

The wheels were first blasted and masked off to fully prepare them for coating, followed by the application of the base layer of powder coat. Here is a close up of Prismatic's Illusion Smurf applied, just prior to entering the oven for an initial cure cycle.  The amount of metallic flake in these colors is enough to foreshadow how brilliant the final color will be after the final clear layer is applied.

Clear Coat Applied

The final stage on the illusion series is the application of a high-gloss clear coat which revives the brilliant metallic luster associated with these colors.  The clear plays color tricks as well, looking a solid white as it is being applied.  Within minutes of being exposed to oven temperatures of almost 400° F, the clear becomes perfectly transparent to allow the base coat to shine through.

Masking Makes Perfect

There is nothing more important than having your parts correctly masked before coating.  With a full range of high temperature plugs and caps, we can protect any threads from powder buildup during coating.  On these wheels, we used our high temperature fiberglass tape to mask the rotor mating surfaces and to block off the bearing areas.

Oven Fresh

This is when all of the hard work pays off. The wheels are removed after the proper cure schedule and allowed to cool down.  The wow-factor is immediate, and ideas for other applications of that color are nonstop. One additional benefit is there isn't a dry-time needed for powder coat; as soon as the parts cool down, they are ready for pickup!

The Final Results

Illusion Smurf with Gloss Clear

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